Le Roche

Our yearly produce is at least 25'000 bottles of wine. Before bottling our unfiltered and organic wines -restricting sulphur to a minimum- the wine out of hand-harvested grapes is matured in our wine cellar for a period of at least four years. To guaranty outstanding and pure quality - our wines are never enriched with sugar and are exclusively from our own vineyards.

We only produce our first class Crsta in top years. Crsta, a Dolcetto, gently ages for at least two years in big oak barrels. Roche, our second cru, a Dolcetto as well, is refined for at least one year in the oak cask. Autin, a Langhe rosso Doc, fermented from Dolcetto grapes, is barrelled for three years imparting a harmonious and subtle aroma. Marcello's very own creation is the Còccu - a cuvée blended from one third Dolcetto and two third Barbera grapes. An excellent, structured wine, refined for one year in the barrique barrelled for another in the great oak. Our well balanced wines being of intense colour and rich in tannin are the essence of a fine dinner. Yet, our selection would not be complete without a fresh and sparkling summer wine, the Ruset. To preserve its clear and light colour the grapes' skin and flesh can only be fermented for short. Our Ruset blends in beautifully with small slices of Italian hard cheese, dried tomatoes and marinated zucchini. We recommend: chill before serving!

Each vintage harvest brings forth different quality and quantity of grapes. Dolcetto is a fruity wine, though "dolce" - Italian for sweet - are only the grapes. The wine tastes dry and refreshingly tangy with little acid and is ruby-red in colour with nuances of dark purple. Marcello and I are certain that Dolcetto has the potential to become a great wine.